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As its name suggests, Cfast is designed to achieve rapid alignment of the teeth. It achieves this by concentrating on the front 6 teeth(or social 6 as they are sometimes called!) , which most people are concerned about when considering improving their smile. Cfast should not be compared to conventional orthodontics as it does not aim to correct significant malocclusions or alter the position of the posterior teeth. As the front teeth have smaller roots, they are quicker to move with lighter applied forces.


Cfast treatment can be provided using

  • clear braces,
  • clear aligners
  • or invisible braces.


For more information about the various methods visit


To determine whether your teeth would be suitable for treatment with Cfast (and if so using which system), you would require an assessment appoint  with one of our general practitioners with training in the system, for which there is a £50 charge.

If you decide to proceed with Cfast (or one of our other short-term orthodontic options) this charge is refunded on the completion of your course of treatment.

As each course of treatment is individually tailored to each patient, and the length of time each course takes is different, the cost of short-term orthodontics varies from person to person. As a guide, the average cost is from £1700 to £3500.


If you are interested in whether Cfast is an option for you, please call us on

01792 814734 for further information or to book an appointment.